All our kittens are sold after at least 3 months of life, provided with all the following documentation:
  • pedigree
  • veterinary passport
  • microchip
  • double trivalent vaccination
  • anti-rabies vaccine
  • deworming
  • kitten transfer contract
  • change of ownership
  • certificate of good health at the time of transfer, after a visit to the vet

All our adults are tested for the main infectious (FIV / FELV) and genetic (PKD / HCM) diseases, with a balanced and very affectionate character.

Upon request (upon reimbursement of expenses) we can provide:
  • blood exam completed
  • stool analysis

All our kittens are:
  • born and raised in the family
  • well socialized
  • get used to human contact
  • get used to the scratching post and litter box
  • used to being washed and dried
Our kittens can be:
  • pet with sterilization obligation (pet class)
  • neuter, pet and show (pet/show class)
  • show and breeder (show/breeder class) 
kitten "pet class" is sold with a compulsory neutering contract and pedigree release after neutering.

Kitten "pet/show class" is a kitten that is sold with an obligatory sterilization contract and pedigree release after sterilization.
The kitten sold with a "show" pedigree is a promising looking kitten, a good standard from a kitten. He can participate in neutral class shows, obviously victories cannot be guaranteed, but he will certainly not be considered out of standard.

Kitten "show/breeder class" is a promising, strong, beautiful kitten that fully meets the standard. He can participate in open class shows, obviously victories cannot be guaranteed, but he will certainly not be considered out of standard.
The kitten with "breeder" pedigree is sold only to people who show real interest in the selection, ready to get involved with an accurate selection work to enhance the beauty of the breed as well as health. We tend not to give up, but we do not exclude evaluating requests.
Requests for breeding kittens will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, they will be sold only to truly reliable people and lovers of the Siberian cat and / or neva masquerade, preferably to breeders with affixes, as our tendency is to improve and preserve the breed.

At the moment we have available kittens.

Kittens are born on 18th September.

Winter Symphony

Siberian cat cattery, traditional siberian cat, white with bue eyes and Neva Masquerade 

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